The SHEFIT Ultimate Sports Bra provides a customized fit using patented technology that allows you to customize your adjustability.

To ensure the most accurate measurements, we recommend measuring your bust, around the fullest part and your rib cage, tightly under your bust, where your breast meets your rib cage. See our Fitting page or take our Fit Quiz

If you do not have access to measuring tape, we can also recommend a size based on traditional bra measurements.

While we're confident that the right fit is based on accurate measurements, we're also fully aware that a well-fitting bra is subject to an individual's preference on how snug or how loose they prefer their bra to be. So, after we provide the recommended starting size, we ask our customers to use their own discretion to choose if they prefer to try that size, or go up or down in size, to achieve their personal fit preference. The right size bra really makes a difference in achieving comfortable and proper support.

If you need any additional support in finding the fit that is right for you, let us know! Send an email to & we'll get you connected to our support team.

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