Is the Ultimate Sports Bra available in different strap configurations?

With all the adjustability of the Shefit Ultimate Sports bra, you may not have realized that it's actually “two-way wear” adjustable as well! That means it is both X-back & H-back.

You can configure the bra straps two ways: Crisscross across your back (X-back), or over-the-shoulder (H-back). The two-way wear flexibility ensures that you'll be comfortable, fully supported, and unstoppable.

Switching the strap configuration is easy!

Get started by putting the bra on just like usual (on like a jacket, zip, cinch the rib band), but before you adjust the shoulder straps and lift for your custom level of support, just slip the straps out of the hardware and switch them over the opposite shoulder. Once your straps are switched then you can use the same motion of lifting to find your preferred level of support.


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