How do I access my Rewards Account?

Follow this link to sign in to your rewards account: CLICK HERE

What happens if my order does not include the same email as my rewards accounts?

Please make sure you are logged into your rewards account before making your purchase. If you are logged into your account, and your cart value qualifies, you will see a blue discount slide bar in your cart. This slide bar will allow you to choose the discount you would like to apply up to $25.  

If the email you use to place your orders does not match your rewards account email address your rewards will not be earned properly. 

What are Crowns?

Crowns are points that you are awarded for purchases or other activities that you can redeem for discounts on purchases. 

How do I earn Crowns?

  • Like us on Facebook - Sign in to your account, go to the Rewards Page

  • Follow us on Facebook - Sign in to your account, go to the Rewards Page

  • Follow us on Instagram- Sign in to your account, go to the Rewards Page

  • Create an account - Visit HERE

  • Add your birthday -Sign in to your account and add your birthday

  • Review a product that you purchased (a secure review request will be emailed to you 30 days after your package arrives)

  • Refer a friend - sign in to your rewards account and scroll to the bottom. From here you can; copy your personalized referral link, enter your friend’s email address to send them a link to shop with your referral code, share your link on FB, Tweet it, share it in Messanger. When your friend makes a purchase of $65 or more you will earn 100 Crowns ($5) and your friend will get $10 off their first purchase. 

  • Earn 1 Crown for every $1 you spend for Rose Gold members, 1.5 Crowns for every $1 for Gold members and 2 Crowns for every $1 VIP SHE members

What is the minimum cart requirements to use a discount or to earn referral rewards?

In order to earn crowns or to redeem crowns the cart value must be greater than $65. 

What is the maximum amount of Crowns I can use at one time?

500 Crowns is the maximum number of Crowns that can be redeemed at one time. That is equal to $25. 

Do I keep my reward status forever?

Sisterhood Reward tier calculations are based on a rolling calendar year. Each year you will need to earn your status with purchases.

Do my Crowns expire?

If your account is inactive for 12 months, your crowns will expire. To keep your account active, you must make a purchase, a redemption, or a referral. 

Did the Reward Program Change?

As of 2/21/2020, SHEFIT made improvements to our Rewards Program. Your loyalty program just got supercharged to give you more. Now 100 Crowns = $5. Because your Crowns are worth more, we did the math for you and you will see the number of Crowns in your account have been reduced. Don’t worry, you are not losing anything. In fact, now you can set the amount of discount you want to receive at checkout instead of redeeming a code for a set amount so you win. 

Here is the math:

500 Crowns = $5 off with the old program
100 Crowns = $5 off with the new program
Old Crown Amount x (500/5) = Old Crown Value
Old Crown Value/ (100/5) = New Crown Amount

I have a Reward Code that does not work?

Contact us HERE with a subject line Rewards Code and our team will help you. 






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