Like many brands, our success has led to our products being copied by counterfeiters. Unfortunately, it's all too frequent that we're asked if a counterfeit website is real, or hear a story about someone who accidentally purchased a counterfeit SHEFIT online. Protect yourself and those you care about by buying only authentic SHEFIT from  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Counterfeit sites are unlikely to offer a refund once a fake product is delivered. Moreover, without secure payment processing, your credit or identity could be at risk.

You can only buy at SHEFIT.COM.

Here are some tips to consider if you are served with an ad that might look like SHEFIT

  • We do not use any vendors to sell our bras. You cannot buy our products anywhere other than 
  • Our bras ship from MICHIGAN, not China.
  • Be aware that other companies are stealing our videos and images to use as their own making it look like they "use the same models". Pay attention, our Founder, Sara Marie, would not be on any other website or social media page other than SHEFIT.
  • These videos do show our bra and our models but if you look at the bra they are selling it is not the same. Only SHEFIT has ZIP.CINCH.LIFT. This is a trademarked feature only SHEFIT will have.
  • Look for our logo on the product images, if there is no Crown, it's not a SHEFIT.
  • Pay attention to the name of the bra, our bras are the Flex Sports Bra™ and Ultimate Sports Bra® (not the FitMe, Absolute Zip Bra, Magic Lift).
  • SHEFIT has sizing Xsmall, Small, Medium, Luxe, 1Luxe-6Luxe. 
  • Be cautious, scam bras are also putting our customer's reviews on their websites to trick people.
  • The only social media page that will have a link to purchase is Shefit
  • Some sites are using Norton Protection logos, but none have the INC 500 logo 

What happens if you buy from a scam site?

  • You will not get email communication from SHEFIT. When you purchase from SHEFIT we will send you three emails regarding your order. These will be your order confirmation, shipping confirmation, and a delivered package confirmation all from
  • You might not receive a product at all.
  • You might receive a bra that is anything but a SHEFIT and will be disappointed in the product performance because the product will not have the ZIP.CINCH.LIFT™

If you see false advertising or website you can help us.

  • Send the URL or image to or one of our social channels. 
  • Comment on the scam page social media ad to warn others that it is not a SHEFIT.
  • Report them to IG, FB or Pinterest as a scam. You can do this by clicking the three dots in the right top corner of the ad. 

Examples of counterfeit advertising:









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